What would a 20% boost in productivity look like to your  bottom line profits?   
 How would a 20% boost in team synergy boost productivity and meet KPI's & deadlines without budget overruns?

Experience the FREEDOM to be yourself and be 20x more productive and happier at work!

We focus on what is right with you and build upon your strengths as an Entrepreneur so that you are always operating in YOUR "ZONE of GENIUS" and not someone else's.

Understanding this part of yourself will free you to DO things the way your are instinctively wired to problem solve and strive which gives you more energy and you can tap into your natural strengths to get the job done instead of wasting time on tasks you have no business doing.  
Here's the exciting part
Kolbe is a very unique assessment designed to help you understand the CONATIVE or DOING part of the mind. Every one of us were born with the natural instincts and a pattern for getting things done. Kolbe taps into that part and tells you what is right with you!

We are able to harness you AUTHENTIC ABILITIES so you can achieve much more with greater ease and less STRESS!!!

There are 3 options to choose from!

One & Done – Discover what is in your DNA to strive
This is for the individual that just wants to learn more about themselves and how they can most effectively and efficiently get things done, manage conflict and reduce stress, strain & tension in their work and home life. 

  • Kolbe A Assessment – Who you are and how you are instinctively wired to strive and problem solve.
  • 60 Min Consultation unpacking your Kolbe Results and what does it mean for you
  • 30 day 30 min check in call
  • Copy of all Reports included
  • Recording of session for a nominal fee
  • $150.00 + $55.00 for Assessment = $205.00

Entrepreneurial Congruency – Uncover why you feel like you’re sometimes spinning your wheels.
Discover whether or not you are DOING the right things to bring you success. Understand why some people do things one way that brings them massive results but when you try it that way it only creates stress and frustration with little results. Find your unique MO and the way YOU were wired to DO things that will bring you greater results in less time with ease and less frustration. Stop spinning your wheels.
  • 30 Min diagnostic call
  • Kolbe A & B Assessment
  • 1 Hour consultation with tools and strategies to improve productivity that will help you make immediate and life changing shifts.
  • 30 day 30 min check in call
  • Copy of all Reports included
  • Recording of Session Included
  • $300 + $75.00 for Assessments = $375.00

Entrepreneurial Emancipation – Finally BE free to be you.

Turbo charge your goals and take a Quantum Leap into success. 
  • 30 Min Diagnostic call
  • Kolbe A & B + Workbook
  • 1 hour Consultation/week for 6 weeks
  • 30 day 30 Min check in call
  • Copy of all reports included
  • Recorded Sessions Included
  • $997.00 + Assessments + Workbook included.

Don't miss out on this opportunity
 to increase your business in 2020 by 
Decoding Your Entrepreneurial DNA 

Alicia Couri is a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant specializing in helping individuals and organizations improve productivity, reduce conflict, miscommunication and flat out frustration by half, just by simply decoding their Entrepreneurial DNA!

This is for business leaders, to help them better understand themselves as a leader, identify areas of stress, or disengagement, help improve communication and make sure the right people are in the right roles using their innate strengths to boost productivity and grow your business.
Kolbe Certified™ Consultant,
Founder, RedCarpetCEO, Alicia Couri INC. 
Style & Confidence Coach 
Your Kolbe Guide
Alicia Couri
Real Results: 
"I hired Alicia to help myself communicate effectively with my future assistant. I knew that as an entrepreneur, I think fast and in random, and I knew I need someone structured. The woman I was interested in hiring was structured, however we having challenges communicating. After having myself take the KOLBE and my future assistant, we shared the results with Alicia, and had a breakthrough call! I now know how to best communicate and my assistant understands how I think and visualize! We are on a roll! LOVE IT! I highly highly recommend! Alicia was profound!" 
Heather Havenwood - CEO 
Syndicated Radio & Podcast Host “INFLUENCE: Like A Boss”
"I had the pleasure of having Alicia Couri facilitate my KOLBE assessment. Alicia is intelligent, knowledgable, and focused on all aspects of KOLBE. Alicia patiently explained what the scores mean and how to apply them to improve my performance and production. She used appropriate examples that fit into MY Action Mode to help me understand the intricacies of working with others who have different Action Modes. Alicia has helped me improve my communication with superiors and subordinates. Highly recommended professional who will help you improve performance, production, and communication no matter what level you are at"!
Missi Hatfield - Social Media Manager WebshotOne
"Alicia is an insightful advisor and really knows how to support people in maximizing their strengths. If you want to perform at your personal best, she is someone you want in your corner!"
Lisa Rothstein - CEO Brand Storyteller
"A team member and I took the Kolbe A  and I am so glad we took the next step a nd had the consultation. It went beyond my expectations. I received specific strategies for dealing with 3 key areas where I felt stuck. Just one strategy was worth it."
Jackie Kiadii - CEO Phoenix Computer Consulting